FASTITE 2000 ®

FASTITE 2000 ®

Product Description

The newest member of the TAPTITE 2000® family of fastener address an old problem – screw stripping when being tightened into sheet metal. These thin nut members create some of the most difficult fastening problems for end-users. While almost everyone is quick to realize that low strip-out resistance is the number one problem when assembling sheet metal components, fastener alignment and statistically consistent performance also add to the assemblies' difficulties experienced.


FASTITE 2000® screws incorporate several features to solve assembly problems.

1.CA Point: 
Allows entry into small holes to create self-extrusion of the sheet metal and increase resistance to stripping.

2.Undercut Head:
Absorbs material extruded by the screw and increases the underhead contact area to increase resistance to stripping.

3.Twin-Lead Thread:
Results in opposing threads in the thin material in increase thread contact.
Aligns fastener so it starts straight.

4.Radius Profile Thread:
As used on TAPTITE 2000® fasteners, provides low thread forming torque with high resistance to failure.

It provides resistance to vibrational loosening.

6.Optional Underhead Serrations:
Further increases resistance to stripping and loosening.



Production range : M2(#2)--M10(3/8")